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Today I say “No more”

On April 8th I say “No more”.

I say ”No more” to looking at you and wondering why I can’t have a life like that. I say ”No more” to looking at her and wondering what it is that she has that I don’t.

I say ”No more” to bringing myself down even further, just because I had a hard day. I say “No more” to feeling “less than” because of someone else.

I say ”No more” to discrediting what I do in my life. I say “No more” to putting my work off, just because it’s not up to someone elses standards. I say ”No more” to letting life pass me by and not living up to my dreams and my full potential.

I say ”No more” to letting him win. I say ”No more” to accepting less than I deserve.

I will say YES to reveling in my uniqueness and accepting what overlaps in others. Finding happiness in who and what I am and embracing it, even with the flaws. I will understand that sometimes I fail, and sometimes I fall back into old habits. But I will not let that shape who I am or who I will be, and I will not use that as an excuse and a crutch to hold onto things that are not good for me.

Today is a step forward. Today I say “No more”.

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